The Blue Society sets the Ocean at the heart of our lives to achieve long term progress for human well-being.
The Ocean is our life support system on Earth and we need to maintain it for future generations. The Ocean:

  • provides us 50% of the oxygen we breathe via phytoplankton
  • gives us water, as a key player in the water cycle
  • feeds us, providing an essential source of proteins
  • supplies us with raw materials, minerals and other substances we use daily
  • revitalizes us offering physical and psychological benefits
  • inspires us and enriches our cultures
  • unites us, as the vehicle of trade and telecommunication exchanges

Blue Society recognizes the essential role of the Ocean in our lives and our need to conserve this irreplaceable
resource. The Ocean holds tremendous opportunities to meet society’s present and future needs. It can feed and
care for more people, provide renewable and clean energy, create jobs, generate more equity, etc. By sharing
knowledge and involving citizens and stakeholders, the Blue Society can initiate innovative solutions and positive

Blue Society relies on the potential of the Ocean for a better future.

I support

A sustainable Blue Society, based on good management of Ocean resources
An innovative Blue Society, through collaboration between researchers and entrepreneurs
An informed Blue Society, providing education on the importance of the Ocean in our lives
An engaged Blue Society, built upon participation of citizens, stakeholders and decision-makers

I ask

The relevant political authorities and all stakeholders to:

  • Favour multidisciplinary research and technological innovation based on the Ocean’s potential
  • Consult and collaborate with all stakeholders and citizens on Ocean related issues
  • Foster sustainable management of the Ocean’s environment and resources
  • Promote a more efficient Ocean governance through clearly identified and dedicated decision making
    authorities and to clear international regulation
  • Support more education and awareness initiatives for all, including stakeholders and decision-makers

I commit


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